Trade license

Trade License

Trade license is mandatory for doing trading business within jurisdiction of any municipal corporation. Still looking for getting Trade License in Patna, Shop License in Patna, Bihar or Ranchi or  Jharkhand or in other place of  India? If yes, Call or whatsapp at+91-8540099000 or email us at your requirement we will get you Trade license. From 2013, we have served more than 10000 entrepreneurs directly or indirectly. Our focus from our inception is to provide to our customers best of services and satisfaction. Where focus of other companies could be to earn money but our focus has always been to provide best and timely services to our customers and at the same time, to keep costs to minimum and lower than the market rate.

Trade License

Trade License as name shows, is license that is required to be taken by those person or business unit that are running within jurisdiction of municipal corporation of any city. Thus, Trade License is actually a way of registering your business with Municipal Corporation of your city.


Benefits of Trade License:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to take
  • Easy to Surrender
  • Helps in opening current account in name of your business
  • Helps in getting loans for business
  • Helps in protection of Intellectual Property



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