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“Meerad Business Solutions” is a business consultancy company managed by qualified team of Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants,Corporate Lawyers, Software Engineers, Website Designers, CMS developers and other Business Professionals committed to provide genuine quality experience to our clients in the widest spectrum of business needs. Our diversified team with extensive legal, financial and corporate knowledge enables us to cater to the stated and unstated needs of our clients.

>Company Registration Patna Bihar- GST registration in Patna Bihar-NGO registration Patna Bihar- ISO certification Patna-Trademark registration Patna Ranchi

We strive to offer innovative and customized business and legal solutions and endeavor to elevate the potential of all our clients and service partners.

At Meerad, you will get complete corporate solutions under one roof. We have tried to associate professionals of all fields, chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost and management accountants, lawyers and intellectual properties attorneys with itself to ensure to provide all services that an entrepreneur may need not only for promoting their businesses, but also for running their businesses and for making their business a successful venture.

Some of the services, that Meerad Business Solutions Group provides are as follows:

1. Proprietorship Registration

2. Partnership Registration

3. Company Registration

4. Ngo Registration

5. Trust Registration

6. Society Registration

7. Logo Registration

8. Brand Registration

9. Trademark Registration

10. Copyright Registration

11. Patent Registration

12. SSI/MSME Registration

13. Import Export Code Registration

14. EPF Registration

15. ESI Registration

16. Service Tax Registration

17. Goods and Service Tax Registration

18. Professional Tax Registration

19. ISO Certification

20. ISI Certification

21. FSSAI Certification

22. CE Certification

23. Credit Rating Services

24. Trade License

25. Labour License

26. Contractor License

27. DOT OSP Call Centre License

28. Security Agency License

29. Drug License

30. Income Tax Consultancy

31. Pan/Tan Application

32. TDS/TCS Return Filing Services

33. Company Secretarial Services

34. Accounting and Preparation of Accounts

35. Tax Audit

36. GST Audit

37. Secretarial Audit

38. Cost Audit

39. Company Annual Compliance

37. Digital Signature Consultants

38. Chartered Accountants

39. Website Designing  & Development

40. SEO Services

41. Online Marketing and Brand Promotion

42. SMS Marketing

43. Email Marketing

44. Toll Free Number

45. Gold Contact Number

46. Fancy Number

Please note that we provide these services on retainer-ship basis also. You can outsource all of your taxation and compliance related works to us on annual basis, it will save you from spending moneys on hiring and employing different different professionals to do works that you could get at Meerad under one roof.


Company Registration Patna Bihar- GST registration in Patna Bihar-NGO registration Patna Bihar- ISO certification Patna-Trademark registration Patna Ranchi